Is Having Plants in Your Bedroom Bad for Feng Shui?

Is Having Plants in Your Bedroom Bad for Feng Shui?

Last Updated On: August 29, 2022

The bedroom is one of the most flexible places to put plants of your choice. It offers a safe space with a controlled environment not only for you as the homeowner, but also for the plants you wish to fill the bedroom. There is a fresh, natural vibe that comes with a room adorned with indoor plants. Now, the selection of plants can be an exciting activity, but it can also be quite a challenge; especially when your preferred plants require specific conditions for it to thrive, and your bedroom cannot provide it. In this article, we want to not only talk about how to decorate your bedroom with beautiful plants, but also how to select ones that are easy to care for.

Plants and Feng Shui

Now, let’s talk about Feng Shui. In decorating your home, there are already quite a few factors to make feng shui work in your favor. When it comes to plants and their impact in the feng shui, you need to fully understand its effect and its symbolism. In a nutshell, living plants attach wood energy. In the feng shui five-element system, wood element promotes growth, vitality, and kindness. It also encourages the balance of energy in the room. You might be surprised that if your home needs to increase the wood element, adding living plants into the room is the easiest and most decorative approach.

Feng Shui In The Bedroom

You can easily observe if the dynamics of feng shui and plants works. Aside from the balance between the wood energy and the occupants of the room, you will feel refreshed and relaxed after a good night’s sleep. There is physiologic balance that comes with the plants that are in the room, in terms of wood energy and the oxygen they provide. The visual impact of having green, live plants also gives you breathing space, and are easy on the eyes giving you a refreshed feeling and energy.

Our Plant Recommendations

There are tons of plant varieties you can choose from to decorate to mix and match in your bedroom. Some shine for decorative and aesthetic purposes, while some promote rest and relaxation. Here’s our top picks that not only look great, but provide fantastic feng shui for your bedroom.


We begin this list with what is considered to be one of the most versatile indoor plants out there. The pothos family is a large family of plants that can thrive well indoors, low maintenance, and comes in different color patterns to give you a pop of color and add life to any dull-looking room.

Many varieties of pothos do well in low to medium light, and generally only need to be watered every couple of days. This makes them great for the bedroom, as they will naturally be able to thrive in a shadier location where many other plants would die.

Snake Plant

Snake plants gained interest and popularity due to their relatively easy care requirements and leaves that add personality and shape to your bedroom. Their distinctive leaf shape adds a striking display to any garden due to their unique shape.

This is another plant that does well in lower light conditions, perfect for most bedrooms. It’s also fairly accommodating on other care like watering, making it a great, low maintenance houseplant.


Known to help promote a good night sleep, lavender is also easy to take care of and it adds a shade of violet inside your room. This gives a second dimension of color especially, when you fill your room with green plants. The contrast is quite pleasing.

Lavender requires a bit more sun than the aforementioned plants, but is also easy to grow in small containers. This means a small windowsill is enough for this beautiful plant.

English Ivy

If you want your bedroom with trailing or climbing plants, English Ivy is one of our best recommendations. It grows well in containers, but also in hanging baskets.

English ivy requires a good amount of light, but outside of that is easy to care for. Place it in an area that gets indirect light throughout the day for best growth results.

Rubber Plant

Definitely low-maintenance, coming in deep shades of green or even burgundy or patterned colors, the rubber plant is an excellent houseplant choice. Its deep color makes it a very stylish and statement plant to have in your bedroom.

It enjoys indirect light, which makes it a great fit for most bedrooms. Check if every few days for water, and make sure it doesn’t experience any serious drafts or cool temperatures.

Bedroom Plants

The short answer to whether or not plants and feng shui work together is yes, especially if you know the plants you really want to be in your bedroom and how to take care of them. There are so many positive things that surround the relationship between plants and feng shui that they are worth giving a shot. If you’ve been contemplating on revitalizing your bedroom, may this article be your perfect sign to do so!

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