Best Flowers to Grow Indoors

Best Flowers to Grow Indoors

Last Updated On: January 24, 2022

Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, regardless of whether you’re the one giving or receiving these beauties. The downside to cut flowers you can buy at the store is that they will die sooner or later. Rather than replacing them every few weeks, why not try to grow a flowering plant indoors? These will supply you with pretty blooms that you can enjoy all year long. Several varieties are easy to care for, even if it’s your first time owning a houseplant. The following options are the best flowers to grow indoors to add a touch of beauty to your home without too much work.

Peace Lily

A peace lily can add a touch of elegance to your home, thanks to its dark, shiny leaves, long stems, and stately white flowers. These beauties are easy to care for since they don’t need a lot of light. Of course bright, filtered light does encourage more blooms if that’s what you’re looking for. Peace lilies do need to be kept moist but not overly so, checking them once or twice a week should keep it happy and healthy.


This pretty plant is a succulent, so it tends to prefer drier conditions than many other plants. This means that it prefers soil that is a bit dry, so you don’t even need to water it very often. It also likes moderate, in-direct light as direct light can burn out the leaves. With the right care, this plant will sport lovely glossy leaves and an array of small flower clusters in red, orange, pink, or yellow.

African Violet

The African violet is one of the easiest plants to care for and can last for decades when treated right. They prefer lots of indirect light to keep those flowers blooming all year long. They also prefer their soil to be consistently moist, though the leaves should be kept dry to avoid brown patches. How they look depends on the type you purchase, so you can get one with variegated foliage, ruffled blooms, or various flower colors.

Guppy Plant

The guppy plant is related to the African violet, so it likes similar conditions. Medium to bright light is best, with soil that is kept moderately dry. As well as the easy care it requires, this one is a favorite, due to the unique flowers that can sprout all year long. These blooms are a pretty orange, with a shape similar to a goldfish. They even dangle off the ends of their stalks like a fish on a line. These gorgeous plants work well in pots or hanging baskets, so you can place them anywhere you like.

Hoya Carnosa

Also known as wax plants, the Hoya Carnosa is gorgeous and one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. They are rather thirsty plants, so need lots of moisture, though they also prefer their soil to dry out between watering. Hoyas also prefer bright, indirect light for consistent blooms. Those flower clusters are quite eye-catching with single star-shaped buds bursting from the main stems like fireworks.


This stunning plant can have a variety of bloom colors, including lilac, pink, red, or white. Those flowers have long stems, which allows them to tower over the heart-shaped leaves. Despite their delicate appearance, these plants are quite hardy. They need a lot of bright light, though they prefer cooler temperatures. Slightly moist soil is best, so don’t overwater them to keep those blooms growing for months at a time.


Also known as a Purple Leaf Shamrock, the Oxalis features small pink or white leaves. These blooms stand above purple clover-shaped leaves that fold down during the night or when the light is low. If this beauty is too showy for you, there are also varieties with green foliage that sport silvery accents. These plants grow to about a foot in height and width, so they don’t take up a ton of space. They also need medium to bright light and evenly moist soil, so are generally easy to care for.


Jasmine is one of the most popular flowers to grow indoors due to the lovely fragrance its blooms produce. It’s also pretty to look at thanks to the dark green leaves and delicate pink or white star-shaped blossoms. This plant can handle varying temperatures, preferring cool temperatures in the winter and warmer ones the rest of the year. They do like direct light, so place it near a window. Consistently moist soil is best but it can handle drier conditions now and then if you forget to water it.

Crown of Thorns

This succulent shrub is a relative of the poinsettia, so it needs very little care to bloom year-round. It needs lots of bright light but can go a week or more without water, so it needs very little of your attention. The bract-like blooms grow on long stems among the long oval-shaped light-green leaves. This plant is poisonous, though, so it’s best kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Silver Vase Plant

This plant is part of the pineapple family and has an exotic look that ensures it will stand out among other plants. It features stiff leaves colored a mix of green and gray with tiny spines along their edges. The flowers rise above the leaves on clusters of pink bracts that bear tiny purple flowers. Despite how dramatic this plant appears, it is quite easy to maintain, so even beginner gardeners can keep it thriving with bright light and a decent amount of water.


The Amaryllis is a remarkable-looking plant that is far more elegant than you would expect from one that requires so little maintenance. It grows tall, with long green stalks and leaves and stunning flowers of white, pink, and red on top. It prefers bright, indirect light, so near a curtained window is a great spot. You don’t even need to water it very often until new growth appears. The only issue with such tall stalks is that they may bend, so turning them once in a while will help keep them nice and straight.

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