18 Great Fall Indoor Plants

18 Great Fall Indoor Plants

Last Updated On: October 1, 2021

For many gardeners, fall and winter means the end of the growing season. While there are some good fall plants like garlic, the majority of plants aren’t equipped for the cooler temperatures. Luckily, if you’re an indoor gardener the cooler months don’t have to spell an end to your garden. In this article, we’ll look at 18 great fall indoor plants you can start growing today.

If you’re an outdoor gardener though never fear, we have your back. There are lots of options for fall gardeners that will only improve the look come spring. We’ll call out some of these plants in the section below.

Watch Out For Sales

Fall is a great time to start a garden, and even better there are a lot of great sales to be found. With the outdoor growing season coming to an end it’s possible to find a lot of great deals and get a very impressive garden setup fairly cheaply.

Many gardening shops have stock at bargain prices as they are trying to sell out their remaining inventories before winter. You can get lots of supplies like seeds and tools on sale.

If you’re looking to start a new garden now is a great time to shop for it.

20 Fall Indoor Plants

  1. Tulips - A perfect fall plant, tulips are a beautiful addition to any garden. They are also great to plant outdoors in the fall. When planted in fall they will sprout in the spring.

  2. Pansies - This flower comes in different varieties and colors. It also blooms quickly during Autumn. Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures and could go alongside bulbs such as Daffodils, Hyacinth and Tulips. When you are after having a vibrant garden, consider planting pansies.

  3. Sunflowers - These bright, yellow-colored plants are a great addition to your garden. Depending on the variety you choose, some sunflowers have edible seeds which you can enjoy or use to feed birds and chickens.

  4. Beautyberry - gorgeous purple berries in your garden during Autumn season, what a treat! This shrub which gives off a bright purple color is a nice touch to your garden. Look for the dwarf variety for indoor growing.

  5. Cabbage - Like many other leafy greens, cabbage grows well when the temperature drops. This makes it perfect for the cooler winter temperatures, some can even be grown outdoors year round.

  6. Kale - Like cabbage, kale is a great cold weather plant. Some can even survive frosts making it super hardy during the cooler months.

  7. Parsley - This herb, rich in Vitamin K, can be planted in a pot during Autumn. Make sure to bring it inside the house when winter settles in to avoid frost.

  8. Tomatoes - It’s never a bad time to grow tomatoes. This is a classic garden plant, and fall is fantastic time to get stared.

  9. Heuchera - This plant is loved for its colorful foliage which comes in different shades of color. A truly beautiful addition to any garden.

  10. Cilantro - If you love salads or tacos, cilantro is a great choice. It grows quickly during Autumn seasons and can be harvested year round.

  11. Thyme - This plant is a perfect choice for container gardening both indoors and out. You’ll have this aromatic herb to enhance the flavoring of meals, and both the leaves and stem are edible.

  12. Rosemary - This herb from the mint family is a nice combination to your roasted chicken or steak. A great choice for those looking for culinary herbs.

  13. Mint - Whether you mix this with your drinks or a recipe, having a mint in your garden is always practical. Plus, mint is extremely easy and quick to grow.

  14. Sage - This herb is great for making sauces or can be added as a stuffing in your meat recipes. It gives off a distinct flavor which enhances any dish it’s added to.

  15. Pumpkins - Whether you’re growing them for consumption or for Jack-o-lanterns, make sure that your garden has enough room for the pumpkin to grow. The vines can stretch up to more than 20 feet long. We cheated a bit here as this one is really an outdoor plant, but it’s a classic fall one we couldn’t not include.

  16. Carrots - A great choice for fall, carrots are quite cold tolerant. They are a great choice for both indoors and outdoors fall planting.

  17. Cauliflower - This vegetable takes a longer time to mature so come spring it will be matured. It can survive cooler temperatures, so if you’re growing outdoors look to plant mid-summer to ensure a harvestable crop.

  18. Radish - Lastly, we have radishes. These are a great, cool tolerant plant. This is a great choice year round, but also thrives when planted in fall.

There are plenty of vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs you can choose to plant during the Fall season. Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean we have to stop gardening. The great benefit of indoor gardening is we can continue to plant, grow, and harvest year round!

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