6  Lucky Plants To Brighten Your Home and Day

6 Lucky Plants To Brighten Your Home and Day

Last Updated On: January 31, 2022

Lots of people have superstitions or good luck charms throughout their home. For many, these take the form of plants. For centuries, many have grown “lucky plants” to bring some good energy into their home. Today, we’re going to look at some of those plants, and how they’re said to improve your relationships, happiness, and even wealth. Even if you’re not into the superstitions behind the plants, read on, each of these plants is easy to grow and can bring some life into your home or office.

Money Tree

The money tree is the first on our list, and one of the most popular “lucky plants”. It is often used in the practice of feng shui to bring prosperity and good fortune. This also makes them popular housewarming or office plant gifts.

Money trees are also very easy to care for. They need relatively little water and sunlight, and are quite hardy. Even for the forgetful grower, it’s difficult to kill a money tree and a little care usually perks them right up.

Lucky Bamboo

With it right in the name, it’s easy to see that lucky bamboo is just that; lucky. It’s often given as a gift, and doing so is seen as a sign of good fortune. The amount of stalks a lucky bamboo has is seen to symbolize different attributes. For example, two stalks symbolizes love while three is for wealth and prosperity.

Lucky bamboo is also fairly easy to care for. It’s not technically a bamboo but is actually a type of tropical water lily called Dracaena Sanderiana. This is a good thing as traditional bamboo can be quite difficult to successfully grow indoors. Lucky bamboo only needs a moderate amount of in-direct light, and generally only needs to be watered once every couple of days.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is another easy to care for plant that is said to bring good luck. The deep green leaves are a sign of energy and friendship, and the beautiful blooms only reinforce this. It’s also said to bring luck and prosperity to those that grow it.

In terms of care, the jade plant can take anywhere from medium to direct light. More light is generally better, and the plant will grow and flower faster in bright light conditions. Jade plants are also fairly light on water, and don’t require much day to day care.

Peace Lilies

One of our favorite indoor plants, the peace lily, are also used in feng shui to bring good luck and prosperity to a home. Their brilliant, white blooms are beautiful and bring a lot of life to a room. If that wasn’t enough, peace lilies are one of the best air purifying plants.

For care, peace lilies are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors. They have low light and water needs, and can generally be left alone for long periods of time without ill effect. For those looking for a low maintenance house plant there are few better than the peace lily.

Rubber Plants

Last up, we have the rubber plant. Rubber plants are another staple of feng shui, and their big, round leaves are a sign of prosperity and wealth. It’s said that having a rubber plant in your home fosters abundance and wealth.

They’re also very easy to care for. They need medium, in-driect light, and only need to be watered once every 1-2 weeks. This makes them very low maintenance and easy to care for, perfect for any level of gardener.

Lucky Plants

Plants have long been used to bring happiness and luck into the home, and that practice continues today. Even for those that aren’t superstitious, there’s some fun to be had caring for and raising these plants. Hopefully you’ll experience some luck while you’re growing these beautiful plants indoors.

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