Essential Indoor Gardening Supplies

Essential Indoor Gardening Supplies

Last Updated On: April 15, 2022

An indoor garden can have many benefits. The plants you choose can spruce up your home, adding a touch of color or aesthetic appeal to otherwise drab rooms. They can also provide you with fresh herbs, fruits, or veggies, depending on what you’re growing in your home. Of course, you need a variety of essential indoor gardening supplies to ensure your plants are healthy and thriving. To help get you started, we’ve come up with the following list.

Not every garden will need every item on this list. Depending on your plants there may be some items here that you won’t need. For example, if you’re only growing herbs then you probably won’t need to buy stakes or trellis. Always learn about your plants first, that way you don’t end up buying unneeded supplies.

Seed Trays

Seeds trays are some of the most versatile additions to your gardening gear. These can be used to start your seeds, giving them a safe space to germinate before you add them to a larger pot. seed trays also have several other uses, including drainage trays beneath your pots or humidity trays for adding moisture to plants that hate wet roots.

Who Should Buy: Anyone looking to start plants from seeds.


Every plant needs at least one pot, and usually a few of them as it grows out of its original container. There are several types available, so there are countless options allowing you to pick the perfect one for the plants you’re growing. For instance, clay pots are excellent for succulents, cacti, or other plants that prefer drier conditions since this material breathes, releasing moisture to prevent soggy roots. You can use plastic or ceramic pots as well, though these will need drainage holes to prevent overwatering.

Who Should Buy: Any indoor or container gardener.


Most plants need fertilizer at some point to give them the nutrients they need to thrive. There are several fertilizer types available, including water-soluble, pellet, liquid, or slow-release options. You can even choose organic or synthetic options. Be sure to check which fertilizers are preferred by the plants you grow since this can vary from species to species.

Who Should Buy: Any gardener, both indoors and outdoors.

Grow Lights

Though not everyone needs grow lights, there are some instances where these can come in handy. Those with inadequate lighting in their homes may need to supplement with grow lights. These also come in handy during the winter months when sunlight is limited. Some plants also need more light than others, so grow lights may be required for them to survive. As well as the proper lights for the plants you’re growing, you should also keep a few extra bulbs on hand in case one goes out.

Who Should Buy: Indoor growers that need more light, especially if growing light hungry plants.

Hand Trowels

Hand trowels have a variety of uses, including digging and turning the soil, adding more when needed, and planting new plants. There are a few types to pick from, such as the traditional trowel with a rounded blade and thick handle, the pointed trowel for easily cutting through the soil, and even the larger soil scoop for moving more material around. Keeping one of each on hand ensures that you always have the right tool for any job.

Who Should Buy: Any gardener, especially those growing larger plants.

Hand Fork

Hand forks are mostly used for outdoor gardening to keep weeds at bay but they are also a good option for indoor gardens. You can use them to aerate the soil or to transplant your seedlings from their starter trays to a larger pot. They can also be used to break up the soil before fertilizing.

Who Should Buy: Most gardeners, especially if doing any outdoor growing.

Watering Can

Every plant needs water at some point or another, so a watering can will come in handy, no matter how large or small your indoor garden is. Choose a sturdy model with a long spout to get beneath the leaves of all of your plants, getting the water right to the soil where it is needed most. Watering cans are great as they tend to be more gentle than other options. This prevents dislodging soil and disturbing your plants when watering.

Who Should Buy: Every indoor and outdoor gardener.


Gloves offer protection from the plants, soil, and fertilizer when you’re tending your indoor garden. They also keep your hands and fingernails clean as you work the soil for quicker clean-up when you’re done. Gloves that are thin, flexible, and breathable are comfortable to wear and won’t hinder your finger movements.

Who Should Buy: Any gardener who wants to keep their hands clean.

Hand Pruners

Even small plants need pruning now and then and the proper tool will prevent any damage as you remove those unwanted pieces. Like other gardening supplies, there are a few options that you may require. A bypass pruner makes clean cuts on thicker branches and stems while needle-nose pruners and pruning scissors let you get into hard-to-reach spots.

Who Should Buy: Every gardener with long lived plants.

Spray Bottles/Misters

Spray bottles have a few uses when it comes to your plants. You can use them to apply insecticidal sprays or neem oil to eliminate pests. They can also be used to mist plants that need some extra moisture in low humidity rooms. There are many sizes to choose from, as well as pressurized sprayers that emit a stronger spray to get into all your plant’s crevices where some pests like to hide.

Who Should Buy: Indoor growers concerned about humidity.

Plant Labels

If you only have one or two plants, you may not need these unless you want to add a decorative touch to their pots. Those with several plants of varying species, or who are growing starter plants that will eventually be moved outside, may need to keep their indoor garden a bit more organized. Plant labels can be purchased or you can make your own using Popsicle sticks, rocks, or anything else you have on hand.

Who Should Buy: Gardeners growing multiple varieties of plants.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is another essential indoor gardening item since it does double-duty when you use it for your plants. This oil is extracted from the seeds of neem trees and is one of the best natural pesticides around since it kills bugs without harming your plants. It also gives the leaves of any plant a lovely shine, which makes them look even better than usual.

Who Should Buy: Gardeners concerned about pests.

Plant Stands

You can place plants on windows, countertops, or tables if you have the room. Those who don’t have extra space on these surfaces may need an alternative spot for their plants. Dedicated plant stands are a great option, with tiered levels that let you arrange your plants perfectly for the best lighting conditions and aesthetic appeal.

Who Should Buy: Gardeners with minimal space looking to maximize it.

Indoor Trellis

Some plants need a bit more support than others, especially if they are somewhat heavy or produce climbing vines. An indoor trellis can be placed right in the pot alongside the plant to give it the support it needs. Trellises also come in a variety of sizes and designs to spruce up your indoor garden.

Who Should Buy: Gardeners with large, heavy, or climbing plants like tomatoes that need extra support.

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