Growing Bok Choy From Scaps

Growing Bok Choy From Scaps

Last Updated On: September 10, 2021

Today we’re going to look at an easy way to not only grow more veggies, but also save some money. We’re talking about growing scaps, and specifically growing Bok Choy from scraps. Growing from scraps allows us to reuse parts of the plant we often just throw away. This makes it both economical, but also lots of fun and a very unique way to garden

There are a couple of varieties you can choose from such as Black Summer which is known for having dark leaves; Ching-Chiang, a dwarf type which grows quickly; Mei Qing Choi another dwarf type which grows quickly, or Joi Choi medium sized plant with good bolt resistance. They also tend to have slightly different flavors so you can choose a variety that you most enjoy. There are also other varieties not listed here so feel free to do some research to find the perfect one.

The next time you have some Bok Choy at home don’t just throw away the scaps. Try growing a brand new plant that you’ll be able to harvest and enjoy.

You’ll Need:

It’s very easy, so let’s jump right in.


  1. Cut off the Bok Choy leaves, leaving 3-4 inches of base. This is usually roughly where the leaves meet the thick, white area of the stem leaving a little bit of green leaf.

  2. Grab your shallow container and fill it with about 2 inches of water.

  3. Next, place your bok choy stem in the water. You don’t want to completely submerge it; leave about half of it sticking out of the water. A common option is to stick toothpicks into the stem and rest them on the lip of your container. You can also simply gauge the water so it doesn’t completely submerge your stem.

  4. Place your bowl in an area where the plant gets enough sunlight. A few hours per day of bright light should be enough to stimulate growth. Later when you transplant the plant you can move it to a more sunny area.

  5. Check the water. Once the water becomes cloudy, it’s time to change it. Make sure the plant gets some fresh water every couple of days.

  6. Observe your plant. After a few days new leaves will start to grow from the stem base. Also, check for new roots growing at the bottom of the stem. Don’t panic if some of the plant starts to yellow a bit, this is normal.

  7. After a few weeks more dark green leaves should have grown, and there should be clear root growth. You can now move your Bok Choy into a container or into an outdoor garden area. Use a rich, well draining soil or vegetable potting soil for containers. This makes sure that the plant gets enough nutrients to grow more leaves.

  8. Take off the stalk parts which are old and yellowish to make sure that new leaves get the needed nutrients to support its growth. This also helps prevent mold and pest problems in the future.

  9. Deciding when to harvest your Bok Choy depends on the variety you are growing. Some will mature faster than others. In general, it takes a few months to completely mature, but you’ll be able to pluck off leaves during this time as well.

Now you know that regrowing Bok Choy from stalk is so simple, the next time you have some stir-fried Bok Choy at home don’t just throw the scraps out. Save the stalks and grow some new leaves for your next salad or other delicious meal.  It really is an excellent way to not only recycle, but also enjoy more of this delicious vegetable.

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