2021 Gardening Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Gardening Holiday Gift Guide

Last Updated On: November 29, 2021

With the Christmas season just around the corner many of you may be looking for gifts for a gardener in your life. To help, we’ve put together a brief guide to some of the most popular gardening themed gift ideas. Below you’ll find some of the best items to give as a gift that are sure to put a smile on any garden lover in your life.


Something that every gardener needs, and can never go wrong as a gift, is seeds. Seeds make a great gift, and the variety of them gives you lots of options.

If you’re not sure exactly what types of seeds to get going with a seed kit is a good option. These kits come with a variety of seeds, and are the perfect gift to give someone some plant variety.


A step up from seeds, seedlings are another excellent choice. These are plants that have just sprouted and have begun to truly grow.

Depending on your location, you can get seedlings at a gardening store or online. Seedlings are a bit more expensive than seeds, so be sure you’re getting the correct plant. If you’re not sure, it may be better to get seeds as you can get a larger variety more cheaply.

Garden Tools

Garden tools are another popular gift and another item every gardener needs. Things like gloves, shoves, and seed trays are always needed and make great gifts separate or as a set.

For an added bonus, you can customize your gift with a message. Etsy is my go to place for things like this, and they have a variety of good gardening tools that you can customize to make extra special.

You can also look for small gardening tool kits. These kits come with everything a gardener needs to get started, and make a wonderful gift for any gardener. You can never have too many tools after all.

Herb Kit

I’m a big fan of herb kits as they are a practical, space conscious, and easy way to get started with gardening. There are a wide variety of herb kits available, and they make great gifts for long time gardeners or those just getting into the hobby.

On that note, there are other kits available for things like fruits, vegetables, or succulents. If herbs don’t sound like an exciting gift try one of these out.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are a popular gift idea and for great reason. They are beautiful to look at, and can provide a lifelong hobby of shaping and pruning. They’re also small, so work great as a desk plant or contained to similarly small spaces.

Some bonsai trees are known to be a bit difficult to grow, but that’s not universal. For a beginner, try the ficus bonsai, it’s well known to be very easy to grow and great for first timers.

Creative Containers

Containers are another item that gardeners are always in need of and make a great gift. You can always gift traditional containers, but getting creative can make your gift that much more memorable.

There are a number of non-standard containers that make great gifts. You can also check out sites like Etsy to find ones that you can customize to make extra special.

Garden Adjacent Items

For those looking for a garden lover gift but don’t want something directly related to the garden there’s a wide variety of garden adjacent items. These are things like mugs or posters that are gardening related and sure to put a smile on the face of any gardener.

Etsy is once again a great place to check out for things like this. There are a ton of creative gifts there that are sure to stand out.


Lastly, books are never a bad gift; they’re great for reading or as coffee table books for decoration. There are a huge range of gardening books, and they cover topics from actual gardening to simply displaying some of the most beautiful plants around.

For beginners, we have to plug our book for Indoor Gardening. It’s an excellent introduction to indoor gardening, and has all the tips needed to get started.

For something a bit more casual, check out this beautiful gardens book. It’s more of a visual treat than a practical one, but no less worth it for those that love gardening.

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