Container Gardening a Pineapple?

Container Gardening a Pineapple?

Last Updated On: August 30, 2017

When people thing of indoor gardens, very rarely is the pineapple the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, most people wouldn’t believe that you can actually grow a large pineapple in your own home! While a bit of a space investment due to their size, for those that have ample room they are an excellent addition to any home. Not only do you get a delicious fruit, but the tropical look of the plant is very pleasing to the eye. Today we’ll look at how you can grow a pineapple in a container indoors.

Container Selection

Pineapple plants will grow to be quite large (several feet across) and will require a large pot to grow them in. Having a large, 5-gallon planting container is going to be the minimum requirement for a full grown plant. Any small and you risk stunting the plants growth. However, during the early stages of it’s life, up to about a year, you can get away with using smaller pots.

During the summer you can actually leave the pineapple outside in a sunny location. Do however take care to bring it indoors before the first frost. Cold weather will quickly kill the plant.

Planting the Pineapple

Pineapples are usually grown from the crown of another. Next time you buy one, look for one that is evenly ripe and has a nice, full set of green leaves on top.

You’ll want to cut off the crown of the pineapple and take care to remove and remaining fruit or rind. If not done this will rot later. Then, remove some leaves from the bottom of the crown exposing roughly an inch or so of bare stalk. Set this aside for a few days until it has dried out.

Next, place the crown into a highly quality, fast draining potting soil. The plant should started to be watered now with just enough to keep it moist.

Plant Care

Like most fruits, pineapples require lots of bright sunlight. Generally 6-8 hours is a safe bet. It can survive bouts of shade, but try to maintain consistent lighting for optimal growth.

General water practices should be followed. You don’t want to overwater the plant, but leaving it too dry is no good either. Keep the soil fairly moist, and wait until the first couple inches of soil are just about dry before watering again.

The plant can be fed organic fertilizer about once per month. You’ll want to use a regular strength fertilizer or risk shocking the root system.


Generally, it will take about 2-3 years before the plant begins to flower and produce fruit. Once it does flower, it will take another couple months before it begins to bear fruit. The size of the fruit will depend on the plant size. So, don’t be discouraged if you get a smaller fruit as it is still delicious. You’ll want to pick the pineapples once they are a golden yellow and evenly ripe.

Using these techniques you’ll be growing delicious pineapples in no time!

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