5 Plants To Keep Bugs Away This Summer

5 Plants To Keep Bugs Away This Summer

Last Updated On: February 18, 2019

With summer approaching thoughts turn to outdoor barbecues and get togethers. With that though comes the dreaded bugs that invade and cause problems for all your guests. The mosquito is probably the ones that comes to mind first for most people, but there are a number of other pesky bugs to deal with like flies and gnats. Today, we’ll look at 5 plants that you can plant to help keep the bug away with this summer, and all without any nasty sprays or chemicals!

The key ingredient in most of these plants is their scent, or what produces their scent rather. A lot of the chemicals that make up the scents are unpleasant to certain pests, and are actually able to repel them. Many of the plants work great when simply planted, but can also be crushed to further release their scent and provide more protection from pesky bugs. This makes plants and all natural bug repellent!


To start, we have mint which is an excellent replant that is also super easy to grow. Mint is in fact so easy to grow that it’s likely to take over a whole garden if left unchecked; so make sure to segment it off and keep an eye on it.

Mint on it’s own is a great replant with a strong scent that keeps away a wide range of bugs. You can also try crushing it other to further release its scent, or use mint infused oil to create a cheap, natural bug spray! Mint is our first choice due to its fast growing speed.


Another great plant with a strong scent is catnip. Catnip is great at repelling pests as the scent is generally a turn off. For strong protection, consider crushing it up or using an oil infused with the plant.

The only downside here is that cats are likely to go crazy for it! If you’re a cat owner it might be better to pick another plant or you’ll be trading one headache for another!


Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant flower that humans love and pests hate. Lavender has been show to keep away various types of pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, and flies, among others. The scent of lavender is  what keep pests away, which is luckily something we can enjoy. Lavender makes a wonderful garden plant, but you can also grow it indoors to keep the pests out of your house.

If you’re looking for aesthetic value along with bug replant properties it’s hard to beat lavender.


Not only does it keep you safe from vampires, but garlic is also shown to drive away insects as well!

The chemicals that produce Garlic’s pungent scent are shown to repel mosquitoes as well as other pests. There’s event some anecdotal evidence to suggest that a high garlic diet can also prevent being bitten without having to use replant. For best effect, crush up a few cloves to really release the scent.

Lemon Grass

Citronella is a a natural oil that is often seen is various mosquito repellent items like candles, but it’s also natural found in lemongrass! This makes lemongrass an excellent repellent of mosquitoes, as well as several other pesky bugs. Being that lemongrass can grow quite large, it can do wonders to cut down on the bug population near your home.

Note that lemon grass is not one plant, but an umbrella term for a variety of them. All of the however produce citronella, which is what you’re looking for to keep the bugs away.

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