3 Plants We're Growing Indoors This Winter

3 Plants We're Growing Indoors This Winter

Last Updated On: October 29, 2019

With winter coming up quickly it’s time to start putting more focus on our indoor garden. While we’re growing indoors year round, this is the perfect time to evaluate and highlight some of our favorites. Today I want to do exactly that, and take a look at 3 different plants I’m excited to be growing indoors this winter.Â


A big favorite of mine and one that I couldn’t resist growing is habaneros. I actually grow these outdoors during the summer, but transplant them indoors during the winter. This gives me fresh and spicy habaneros all year long.

The key here is not to overwater them. It’s very easy to overwater habanero when growing in pots, and it’s the leading cause of unsuccessful grows. This is especially true in the winter when they’re growing a bit more slowly and don’t need as much water. Another big thing is light, this plant needs a good deal of it to continue producing edible peppers. During the winter I’ll typically supplement with a small grow light to keep them healthy.

Other than that, they really are a pretty low maintenance plant. One thing I do notice is that it does produce much less peppers during the winter than in the summer. I could probably fix this with some extra lighting, but honestly I don’t really need that many peppers. A little habanero certainly goes a long way!!

Peace Lily

By far the most beautiful plant on the list, I absolutely love the way peace lily brightens up a room. The gorgeous white flowers it produces are quite striking, and their low light needs make it perfect for almost every room.Â

Peace lilies actually thrive in lower light conditions, and don’t like direct sunlight like a fruit or veggie does. That makes them great to grow in more out of the way places or rooms that get less sunlight throughout the day. Growing a peace lily is also great because it doesn’t take up the space needed by more light hungry plants, but still gives me the enjoyment of growing plants.

One problem I hear a lot of people have with peace lilies is yellowing and browning of leaves. This is fairly common, and luckily is a pretty easy fix. It usually means the plant is being overwatered or is getting too much sunlight. Try cutting back on these and the plant will likely spring back to life. If not, then check for pests as that’s another potential cause.


Lastly, no indoor garden would be complete without a little bit of herbs. This winter, I’m growing chives! Chives are a delicious herb that have a very pungent flavor and taste. I love them for their versatility as they made an excellent addition to almost any dish.

The great thing about chives is how easy they are to grow and how quickly they can grow. Chives spread like weeds, so even outdoors I try to keep them separated from the rest of my plants. Indoors, I grow them on small windowsill in my kitchen in a pot. This is a relatively small place, but gets a lot of sunlight making it perfect for small herbs like chives.

For beginner gardeners, chives, among other herbs, are one of the first plants I recommend. They’re easy to grow and take up little space making them a great first option.

Those are the 3 plants I’m excited about growing indoors this winter. What type of plants are you looking to grow this winter? Let us know!

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