Growing Thyme Indoors

Fresh herbs are a wonderful addition to any meal, and an absolute delight for any home chef. One very versatile herb is thyme. thyme is an excellent herb to grow indoors as it is both easy to grow, and used in a variety of dishes. Take a peak at our tips for growing thyme indoors.

On another note, thyme is also show to keep mosquitoes away.¬†With all these benefits, you’d be crazy not to want to grow it!

Choosing The Container

An important thing to keep in mind when growing thyme is not to over-water. Therefore, when picking a pot go with something that naturally has good drainage. A common choice is simple clay pots with a few small drainage holes at the bottom. Due to the pot’s natural ability to absorb water you lessen the risk of sitting water and root rot.


Going with a loose, well draining potting soil will also help ensure that the plant isn’t overwatered. Most store bought potting soil will do the trick. There are also a wide variety of potting soil specifically geared towards herbs which will also work just as well if not better.


Thyme generally requires 6+ hours of bright sunlight per day. Keeping them near a bright window is usually the best choice. Thyme is perfectly able to thrive in non-southern exposure if the light is still fairly bright. In absence of that, most types of standard grow lights are also fine to use.


Like most plants, you’ll want to water thyme when the soil becomes dry. Be careful not to overwater as this can cause root rot. Thyme is naturally drought resistant, so it’s better to under rather than over water.


Harvesting time couldn’t be easier. Simple clip the stems once they begin to proceed leaves. Both the leaves and the stems hold the plant’s flavor, so depending on your needs nearly the entire plant can be used.

Even if you’re not planning on using the thyme, spending some time every few weeks to clip back the stems will promote healthy growth.

Growing Thyme Indoors

Thyme is an excellent choice for growing indoors. Not only does it have a beautiful aroma, but it’s also a wonderful herb to cook with. Check out this awesome video of chef Gordon Ramsey using thyme on his steak!¬†Just one example of the benefits of growing thyme indoors!

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