How To Grow Parsley Indoors

Parsley is great for both decorative and practical purposes. It’s a delicious herb that fits in many different recipes, and its curly foliage looks fantastic just about anywhere. Growing a small pot of parsley on the counter is fantastic way to get started! Today we’ll looking at everything you need to know to start growing parsley indoors!

Parsley Container Gardening

Parsley makes an excellent choice for container gardening, and can thrive in even small pots on a windowsill. Make sure to purchase a pot that has ample drainage to prevent overwatering. Standard clay pots with drainage holes and saucer work well for this.

Choose a high-quality, well draining potting soil to use. However, fill the bottom inch of the pot with small rocks or pebbles, this helps promote good drainage and prevents any issues from overwatering.

If you’re growing from seeds, it’s best to start in the primary container as parsley doesn’t transplant well. Plant the seeds directly into the soil, roughly 6-9″ apart, and then cover with roughly 1/4″ inch of soil. Keep the soil fairly moist, the soil should maintain an overall moistness in this phase, and expect the seedlings to emerge within 2-3 weeks.


Parsley, like most herbs, is a sun loving plant and does best in a bright, sunny location. Generally, give the plant 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. A sunny windowsill in the kitchen or other room is a great place to grow as parsley does not need much room to thrive.

Using grow lights to supplement is another option, and should be run to hit the 8 hour mark for healthiest plants. This is also a great option for dreary winters where the sun isn’t as intense.

Water & Feeding

Establish a regular watering schedule, and allow the soil to dry a bit between waterings. Once the soil is dry to the touch, give it a decent amount of water to thoroughly saturate the soil.

Feed the plant with a half strength fertilizer roughly 1-2 times per month. This can be lessened a bit in the winter as well as the plant will be dormant and not grow as quickly.


Even if you don’t plan to use it, harvest parsley every 1-2 weeks. This helps to promote healthy growth, and will keep the plant looking healthy and full.

Initially harvesting should take place once the stalks have reached between 4-6 inches in height. Simply cut back plant, leaving some of the step for the plant to continue growing.

Growing Parsley Indoors

Parsley is an excellent choice to grow, and will be a treat for every level of gardener. The two keys are to water correctly, and provide a good amount of light. That’s it! With those two key items, you’ll be growing delicious and fragrant parsley in no time at all!

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