5 Tips For The Perfect Indoor Garden

Gardening indoors can be a satisfying but sometimes tricky experience. Nothing beats having beautiful plants to brighten up your home, or a fresh herb to add to your meal.


Following are five simple tips to help you build the garden of your dream.


 1. Plan It Out

One of the biggest concerns for many indoor gardeners is space. Unlike a huge outdoor yard, the space for gardening indoors is often fairly limited. Therefore it’s important to make sure you know what you’re going to do before you do it.

Most importantly, measure out the space you have for your pots or planters. Use this to guide your future decisions such as what plants to get. There’s no point in buying a plant that needs a lot of room to grow if you don’t have enough.

If you’re a beginner always start small. Even if you have a large amount of growing space try to start with only a portion of it. Get to use to the maintenance required for the plants and get into the habit of taking care of them before you expand. As the plants grow so will you as a gardener.

2. Make Sure The Space Is Right

Many people will stick their plants in a sunny window and call it a day; but that’s not always right. Many plants will actually wither or wilt in direct sunlight all day. It’s important to do a bit of research on your desired plants to ensure that you give them their optimal growth conditions.

This also extends to things like drafting windows, or heating/cooling vents. Many plants don’t do well in places that have large temperature variations. Plants are pretty hardy for the most part, but putting one that’s constantly hot and cold is a sure way to prevent it from reaching its potential.

3. Indoor Plants are Different Than Outdoors

Even if it’s the same plant the care required for an indoor plant is going to be different than if you were growing it outdoors.  While outdoors a plant can put out new roots if it’s short on nutrients, indoors it’s up to you to provide that. Keeping an eye on your watering and fertilizing schedule is extra important as there is no other way to get those nutrients.

A simple spot check every couple of days its all it really takes.

4. Water is the Hardest Part

Of any all the parts that go into indoor gardening, watering is by far the most difficult thing to get right. Too little water and you’re plants will wilt and die, too much and they’ll drown in the excess water.

Most plants enjoy the soil to be just a little moist to the touch. This is a good rule of thumb, but always do a bit of research on your own specific plant. Another thing you can also do to keep your plants healthy is to lightly mist them occasionally. This helps keep the leaves healthy without having to overwater the base.

5. Don’t get Discouraged

Everyone loses a plant at some point. It sucks, but always look at it as a learning experience. Take the opportunity to figure out why the plant died. Then make sure to correct it for your next plant. Life gets in the way sometimes, it happens to the best of us. Don’t let that discourage you though! Keep at it and you’ll build a beautiful or tasty garden in no time!

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